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Social Support Services for Women & Teen Girls in Transition

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Teen Programs & Services

It has always been difficult being a teenager, but it seems like today's teen girls face much more challenges than ever before. Instead of just worrying about acne, puberty, dating and what they are going to do after graduation, today's teen girl issues seem more life-changing, including things like teen pregnancy, drug & alcohol abuse, intimate partner violence, leadership, accountability, eating disorders, self-esteem, obesity, bullying, lack of parental support, and much more.

We believe that one way teen girls can address these issues and develop a balanced lifestyle is to talk to others and share what their lives are like as well as taking part in educational, mentoring, and leadership activities.

Lady Butterflies - a community enterprise outreach organization dedicated to the support of all women & teen girls. 
We are devoted to fostering ongoing mentoring and advocacy relationships between women of all ages and teen girls ages 13 through 19. 
Our purpose is to work towards change in systems where barriers exist and impede the growth and well being of these ladies.
Women's Programs & Services

In today’s fast-paced world, women have little time to pursue a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Their time is divided among family obligations, school, social commitments and fulfilling the expectations of others. The demand for endless energy and a commitment to 'doing it all' and 'doing it now', propels a woman into the arena of 'doing it perfectly', an unfortunate reality for many of today's women.  Women often succeed in their efforts to fulfill everyone else's wishes while neglecting their own personal needs.  They fail to develop and practice healthy physical, emotional, and mental health needs. We believe that one way women can address these needs is to talk to others and share what their lives are like as well as participate in educational activities.
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