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Social Support Services for Women & Teen Girls in Transition

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We are here to help!
Let us help you move on to the next phase of your life
Small Business Coaching
Let one of our trained coaches assist you in turning your dreams and ideas into money-making realities! 

First Appt - FREE!
Coaching Rate: $35/hour 
(No Minimum - No Contract)
Available: Sunday - Saturday by appointment only

Areas we can assist: Business Plan, Business Registration, Choosing Business Structure, Website Creation/Management, Marketing/Public Relations/Branding, Technology, Financials, Strategic Planning, Identifying Competition, Organizational Structure, Business Insurance, and more.....

Our small business coaches will help you create success by focusing on personal development, time management, self-sabotaging behavior (like procrastination and distraction), finding clarity, decision making, and getting into action. 

Ready to get started? 
  Let us help you get EXPOSED! 

Call Us: 678-902-5239
Community & Employment Resource Center

We help link individuals in Atlanta, GA and Columbus, OH to community resources, events and services with organizations that can assist with services such as Education, Health/Fitness, Financial Literacy, Computer Skills Training, Child Care/Pre-School, Mental Health, Clothing, Ex-Offender, Food/Nutrition, WIC, Housing/Utilities, Legal Services, Drug/Alcohol, Mentoring, Job Training, Parenting, Counseling, etc….. 

We also help individuals seeking available part-time/full-time jobs, seasonal employment, training & education, internships, job fairs, and volunteer opportunities. Make an appointment with us or follow our social media sites as we post available job leads and community resource information on our facebook/twitter page as often as they are shared with us.  

We also offer affordable employment services to help you improve and increase your job skills and to enhance your economic stability. Let us help you get job ready!         CLICK HERE
Community Learning Center
Designed to provide structured learning opportunities that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. A variety of topics in Academics / Education; Computer Skills Training; Entrepreneurship; Financial Literacy; Interpersonal Skills; Job Readiness; Non-Profit professional development; and Case Management Skills. 

Affordable Cost workshops are held at various locations. Registration is required. Open to all Individuals residing in the City of & Metropolitan areas of Atlanta, GA and Columbus, OH. 

Please contact us if you are interested in having our workshops at your site. CLICK HERE FOR OUR LIST OF TOPICS
Emergent Financial Assistance - PROGRAM ON HOLD
​As funds are available & eligibility requirements are met, we assist with minor emergent financial needs (up to $100) for individuals residing in City of and Metropolitan areas of Atlanta, GA and Columbus, OH with things such as: sport or work physicals, State ID needed for work or school, clothing/uniforms needed for work/school, individual bus tickets (not to exceed 5 for work or school), school fees K-12 or college students, birth certificates, household/toiletry/baby items due to a disaster, application fees needed for work/school/housing. 

Individual applicants must be aged 21 and over, employed a minimum of 6 consecutive months either FT or PT and income eligible as determined by the 250% Federal Poverty Guideline

Individuals may only apply for financial assistance once per year & any financial assistance provided must meet the full need as requested. Assistance can't be used to pay towards the need. No partial payments will be made. Individuals also can’t apply for the same need each year.  Application processing is 5-7 business days.
Fitness Program: 
Loving My Body P.H.A.T.  [Physically Healthy And Toned] 
“Love your body by your own healthy standards”

Live your most fit life!  Looking to add a little fitness to your life? We promote health-related fitness and active lifestyle classes at various community organizations. Make a decision to take an active approach to your personal fitness.  

No matter your size or fitness level, whether you’re new or a frequent exerciser, we have a fitness program or class that fits your needs. We offer a variety of fitness classes for youth, teens, and adults. You'll see how easy and fun it is to get moving and adopt healthier habits! Join us! 

Let us help you define your plan, identify and overcome your barriers to exercise, and set personal goals that are specifically tailored for you.  Atlanta, GA and Columbus, OH please contact us if you are interested in having our fitness programs your site.
Health Programs: 
First Aid / CPR / AED Training & 2-year Certification
Meet your personal and OSHA workplace requirements by attending this instructor-led course where you'll learn how to respond to first aid, breathing and cardiac emergencies. ... Successful students will receive a 2-yr certificate for Adult and/or Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED. 
We are interested in certifying individuals, couples, attendees at girlfriend parties or safety parties, child care center staff, home daycare providers, medical & dental staff, restaurant staff, hotel staff, fitness instructors, barber & beauty professionals, church members and staff, school staff, nonprofit organizations, corporate businesses, Girl & Boy Scout Troop leaders, STNA's, coaches/athletic trainers, new moms and dads, Assisted Living staff, recreation center staff / lifeguards, social workers, firemen, police officers, volunteers, construction workers, flight attendants, electricians, students, etc......
Available In-Person and Online
Entrepreneurship After-School and/or Summer Program 
for Middle School Students Grades 5th – 8th 

A program that focuses on business skills, financial literacy, fitness, career literacy, economics, reading/writing and interpersonal skills

Providing service in the City of & Metropolitan areas of Atlanta, GA 

***Tailored to fit your needs***

GEORGIA Call: 678-902-5239

Programs & Services: 
Available for all Individuals/Families

Health Programs: 
Babysitter Training & Certification

Available for Middle & High School Grades 6th – 8th / Ages 12 & up
Looking after children is a big responsibility. It’s also a chance to earn money and gain valuable experience. But you’ll need skills to make sure you can do the job well. Let us get you prepared to give excellent care to the children you’ll be watching!  

What you will learn:
Provide care for infants and children – practice diapering & feeding
Learn basic first aid
Help children behave
Choose age-appropriate activities
Learn what to do in an emergency
Develop professionalism
Learn leadership skills
Build your Babysitting business