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Social Support Services for Women & Teen Girls in Transition

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Navigate pathways to success within levels of stability and self-sufficiency with social supportive services necessary to exist and sustain without judgment and without bias.  

We are the ‘help center’ – the ‘one-stop-shop’ for needs without regard to income, race, religion, age, sex, mental or physical disability.
Lady Butterflies  is a 501(c)3 non-profit community enterprise organization formed 
February 19, 2010 with goals of providing comprehensive 'one-stop' social supportive 
services for women and teen girls in transition.  Our enterprise services is open to all and helps to support the women/teen girl programs.

We launched our full supportive services in the City of and Metropolitan areas of Columbus, OH effective February 2010.  We went from providing full-support services to now offering limited-support services

We have since transitioned our full supportive services, as of January 2016, to the City and Metropolitan areas of Atlanta, GA  

Being "in transition" can encompass everything from divorce, 2nd marriages, relationships, self esteem, finances, depression, health, domestic violence, beginning or going back to school, children leaving home, mid life crisis, widow hood, finding yourself unemployed, getting a promotion, relocating/adjusting, friendships, parenting, fitness, no motivation, transportation, feeling unworthy, housing, homelessness, pregnancy or just being stuck in a rut looking for life purpose!

Our programs and services are designed to assist you through a period of transformation and empower you to move life forward, while becoming self-directed, self-motivated, and 
self-confident in the process. With the help of our professional and compassionate staff, we provide everything from comprehensive supportive case management services, support group sessions, mentoring, advocacy, community and employment resource center, life skills community education center and even fitness fun programs to help promote personal growth and development. 

While our primary focus is on women and teen girls, 
we do provide our enterprise services for all individuals and families.


We are here to help!
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Let us help you move on to the next phase of your life
"Helping turn strengths into accomplishments, through choice and respect"
Women have been active in a variety of ways, but their contributions and lives have been 'invisible' around certain issues and events that we feel can help and encourage others.

As we know, the stories of women’s achievements are integral to the fabric of our history. Learning about women’s tenacity, courage, and creativity can be a tremendous source of strength for other women.

We would like to honor ALL women who have overcome difficult times and endured life struggles in hopes to inspire and empower other women. 

Each story submitted will be featured on our social media pages.

Interested in having your story told?

Please contact us:
for Georgia 678-902-5239
for Ohio 614-747-4201