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Social Supportive Services for Women and Teen Girls in Transition

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When a caterpillar is emerging from the cocoon, it must have a period of time to build strength in its wings. If the butterfly is released from its cocoon before it’s time, its strength will diminish and it will not be able to survive on its own. 

The name – Lady Butterflies - was chosen because just like a caterpillar has many layers to shed before it becomes a beautiful butterfly – a girl has as many layers to shed before she is considered a woman. In life we all go through the stages of transition. It’s the choices and decisions we make to determine when we EMERGE. TRANSITION. EVOLVE into a colorful butterfly. 

Lady Butterflies consist of strong, intelligent, independent individuals who have and are living through life struggles and challenges. Each member brings a wealth of special knowledge about attaining personal goals and adding a sense of discovery and excitement to women and teen girl's lives. We are dedicated to reaching out to all women and teen girls who are in need of social development. Our team works diligently to provide strategic approaches to assessing one’s current situation and then helping these women and teen girls set achievable goals in an organized and intelligent approach. 

We are devoted to fostering ongoing mentoring and advocacy relationships between women and teen girls by helping to increase their range of opportunities, activities, skills, roles, and rights. We are dedicated to empowering, enriching lives, promoting personal growth and development by providing professionally competent and personally compassionate services for women, teen girls, their families, and the community. Our goal is to empower and encourage them to take on leadership roles, become strong and productive for themselves, their families and their communities.