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Social Support Services for Women & Teen Girls in Transition

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Emerge. Transition. Evolve.
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Let us help you move on to the next phase of your life
When a caterpillar is emerging from the cocoon, it must have a period of time to build strength in its wings. If the butterfly is released from its cocoon before it’s time, its strength will diminish and it will not be able to survive on its own. 

The name – Lady Butterflies - was chosen because just like a caterpillar has many layers to shed before it becomes a beautiful butterfly – a girl has as many layers to shed before she is considered a woman. In life we all go through the stages of transition. 

It’s the choices and decisions we make to determine when we EMERGE. TRANSITION. EVOLVE into a colorful butterfly. 

We are devoted to fostering ongoing mentoring and advocacy relationships between women and teen girls by helping to increase their range of opportunities, activities, skills, roles, and rights. We are dedicated to empowering, enriching lives, promoting personal growth and development by providing professionally competent and personally compassionate services for women, teen girls, their families, and the community. Our goal is to empower and encourage them to take on leadership roles, become strong and productive for themselves, their families and their communities.  

While our primary focus is on women and teen girls, we do provide some services for all individuals and families.
As the Founder/Executive Director for Lady Butterflies - my vision for this organization is contagious, challenging, attainable, and relevant.

Each day my team and I try to foster an environment where this vision 
can spread and infect others in a positive way.

Since inception we have helped 11,588 Women/Teen Girls by providing the following summary of supportive services:
Shop for baby items on a budget, obtain food and clothing, entrepreneurship, attend bankruptcy court proceedings, provided feedback on toastmaster speeches, be a friendly ear, apply for jobs, apply for SSI, create food budget/menu planning, learn how to ride COTA/MARTA bus, edit college papers, prepare study materials for the GED, assist with transportation to work/school, learn how to type, create resume, prep for interview, maintain housing, assist with transportation to work/school, gain employment, enroll in college/FAFSA, boost self-esteem, academic tutoring, mental health, sustain healthy relationships with moms and boyfriends, healthy conversations about divorce and pregnancy, develop fitness plan,  help with housing needs (toiletries/furniture), and assist with human service needs and applications (medicaid, child care, child support, WIC, Food, etc...)

2010 Statistics - 131 total Women
2011 Statistics - 176 total Women
2012 Statistics - 331 total Women & Teen Girls
2013 Statistics - 545 total Women & Teen Girls
2014 Statistics - 956 total Women & Teen Girls
2015 Statistics - 1055 total Women & Teen Girls
2016 Statistics - 1069 total Women & Teen Girls
2017 Statistics - 1705 total Women & Teen Girls
2018 Statistics - 1578 Women & Teen Girls
2019 Statistics - 1679 Women & Teen Girls
2020 Statistics - 543 Women & Teen Girls
2021 Statistics - 441 Women & Teen Girls
2022 Statistics - 718 Women & Teen Girls
2023 Statistics - 661 Women & Teen Girls 

Let us help you!